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Naturally local

100 % taste of the alps

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In our kitchen, we exclusively use premium, fresh, vibrant, locally sourced products from the homeland of the chamois, which inspires our philosophy.


Depending on the season, we deliberately choose our ingredients generously provided by Mother Nature to us and the chamois.


We consciously reject convenience food and artificial flavours because we are convinced that nature tastes better.


come eat

naturally local!

As our guest, you’ll enjoy:

  • Premium ingredients cooked to perfection for a wholesome, healthy meal
  • Locally sourced and seasonal produce prepared with the greatest of care
  • Fresh herbs and spices from our very own Alpine herb garden in summer
  • Naturally preserved traditional food from the region for a healthy and tasty experience also in winter
  • Food sourced regionally instead of globally to ensure short hauls
  • Personal relationships with local growers, suppliers, and producers, so we know where the food comes from
  • Alpine recipes interpreted in a modern way to keep tradition alive
  • Careful selection of the highest quality ingredients and foods for the best taste

And even more deliciousness …

This is what you won’t find here:

  • Genetically engineered or overbred meat from factory farming
  • Exotic fruit harvested before they are ripe, such as mangos, papayas, and other
  • Presumably fresh strawberries in winter
  • Tuna fish from tins or other overfished species
  • Vegetables that travelled the world before landing in our kitchen
  • Eggs from unhappy chickens locked up in cages
  • Milk and yogurt produced in factory farms, because we’d rather have our cows roam free on Alpine meadows
  • Low-cost, partially baked bread, because it can never match up to the baking skills of our kitchen team or local bakeries

culinary delights at the four-star hotel

4 nights
Leisurely gourmet hiking - Package

13.06. - 03.11.2024

4 nights of Stubaierhof relaxation, herbal walking tour and culinary filled backpack.

Awards & Quality Seals


The AMA GENUSS REGION seal of quality is state-recognised and EU-notified. Regional ingredients are refined into high-quality food products in regional manufactories such as butchers, bakers and confectioners. This is regularly checked by external inspection bodies and provides orientation - you can be 100 % sure that you're enjoying regional quality!

Our suppliers use raw materials from their own farms in their production process. The following products come from the region at AMA GENUSS REGION businesses:

  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables & fruit
  • Fish & game
quality seal AMA GENUSS REGION

District winner BEWUSST TIROL


As winner of the "Bewusst Tirol (consciously tyrol)" award, we stand for a frequent & conscious use of local products. We take real pride in our important role model effect for sustainable, region-conscious tourism.
For consumers and guests at the Stubaierhof, the award also serves as a signpost: We only use the best of Tyrol's products!

The goal of the "Bewusst Tirol" initiative summarised:

  • Promoting the use of local food
  • Strengthening the cooperation between tourism and agriculture
  • Promoting sustainability in the tourism sector
Bewusst Tirol award

“What local people and chamois eat each season is the goodness from the region.”

Hurra die Gams!
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