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Paragliding adventures

as free as a bird in the stubai valley

What could be better than looking down on the world from the top of a mountain? Only one thing: looking down on the world from the skies above! The Stubai Valley is one of the best places in the Austria for paragliding and the flying schools in the valley offer tandem flights.

Paragliding and hanggliding are a simply magical way of seeing the valley from a new perspective. At the Elferlifte ski resort, located opposite our hotel, and at the Schlick 2000 resort there are take-off points. All the necessary equipment can be hired from the flying schools in the valley.

Free as a bird – paragliding is the best way to soar through the skies like an eagle!

@: Armin Kuprian

Land in front of our hotel

Always dreamed of soaring high above the treetops and seeing the world from a bird's perspective?

Here in the Stubai Valley you can finally make this dream a reality.

The landing area at the bottom of the Elfer mountain is located opposite the Stubaierhof.

Paragliding in Stubai

our partners at Parafly

We will be happy to help you organise your very own paragliding adventure for a high-adrenaline summer holiday in the Stubai Valley.

HURRA DIE GAMS! Flying Special:

  • As our Stubaierhof guest you benefit from a 10 % reduction on all paragliding bookings at our partners Parafly.
  • As a student of our partners you will benefit from 10 % reduction on all room prices.

Paragliding courses are available for beginners wishing to learn the right technique. Even those with no experience can experience the thrill of flying during a tandem flight in the company of an experienced instructor.


@: Armin Kuprian
Hurra die Gams!
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Hurra die Gams!

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