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Chamois Outdoor Gym
Our new wellness highlight

adventure mountain

at the Stubaierhof: new outdoor gym

Our new “Chamois Outdoor Gym” lets you put your talents to the test as you discover which mountain routes pose the particular challenge that suits you. Do I have the strength to conquer a climbing route? Do I have what it takes? Will heights bother me? Am I equipped well enough and fit for a red or black category mountain ascent or an Alpine climb? And last but not least: Are my five-year-old climbing boots still fit for mountaineering? I can put this to the test as well! The outdoor gym is an ideal introduction to upcoming days of mountain hiking in the Stubai Valley – either on your own or with a mountain guide.

For children, the outdoor gym– including a chamois that just asks to be climbed, water play, swings, slides and a climbing wall– is a thrilling adventure playground for romping and having fun at the same time.

Try the various fitness stations alone or use the outdoor gym with the Stubaierhof team. We will be happy to provide tips! The Stubaierhof weekly events program offers you specially conducted trips with mountaineering guides. Every trip starts with the chamois outdoor gym. 



  • eight fitness stations in all 
  • three sections that test surefootedness/balance, training/strength and comfort with heights while hiking, mountain climbing, scrambling/bouldering 
  • developed together with local and nationally certified mountain guides (IUAA)
  • perfect preparation for the entire family for an adventure in the mountains 
  • test your own boots for mountain worthiness
  • for children: a large adventure playground with a chamois just asking to be climbed, water play, swings, slides and lots of room to romp
  • climbing wall for large and small mountain enthusiasts



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chamois outdoor gym

ideal practice and adventure terrain in the valley. for everyone ...

  • ... mountain lovers who wish to improve their technique and fitness for their mountain trips.
  • ... for the younger mountain chamois who’ve done only short hikes until now and would like to discover how safe they feel, their strengths and their weaknesses for longer hikes.
  • ... beginners or returnees who are out of shape. The chamois outdoor gym promotes better preparation for your hikes as you regain a sense of certainty for movement in the mountains.
  • ... children and teens, to awaken their enthusiasm for hiking and mountain climbing and to convey the proper attitude for mountaineering.

Extra tip: The outdoor gym can also be explored barefooted following a relaxing sauna, as you take a more “mellow” approach. 

Follow the TIME FOR OUTSIDE mountain guide’s recommendations and get to know your own strengths and weaknesses better.

balance exercises children

Balance / Surefootedness

Test your balance.

Choose your steps with care and skill. Instability creates fear, fear freezes you and you lose your focus on what’s important.

Look ahead, direct your gaze to a point that will guarantee a strong hold without slipping. Try different speeds, with additional weight (like a rucksack) or even try it on one leg.

Leave out certain footholds or try it with your eyes closed. Feel how your soles touch the ground, what hold is created and recognise what a difference just a couple of centimetres in the other direction can make to your wellbeing.

hotel with children's slide Tyrol
Are you Balanced?

Then let's conquer some mountains.
Many different adventures are waiting for you.

Conquer the mountains


Steep ground needs climbing techniques

Just like walking, movement using four points (arms and legs) requires the recognition of stopping points and footholds. Legwork differs as you progress through difficulty levels. Often, grips are held too hard and footholds are neglected.

Try to use different methods on the climbing wall and concentrate on all your different options. You can twist your upper body, only touch footholds with your toes and keep your grips as far apart as possible. Test your reach and traverse the wall in as few steps as possible.

Learn the three point technique, where you always have to keep three points in contact with the wall - this especially provides additional security on Alpine/brittle rock faces.

Do a boulder course and let your partner choose your grips and footholds. You can increase the difficulty here by wearing additional weight (e.g. a rucksack) or not using one arm or leg.

learn climbing techniques on holiday in Tyrol


holding power and upper body strength

Higher difficulty levels in climbing and via ferratas require holding power and upper body strength. Often, you can only find the best hold option on a rock face when you really feel the grip - so you can then grasp it firmly.

Try to reach the end of the arch without touching the ground. Don’t forget to breathe - if your muscles are starved of oxygen, they can’t perform as well.

Watch out for correct body tension and work out the right time to move on to another hold. Once you’ve done it in one direction, try again several times in a row without stopping. Of course, you can use your legs to help or use an additional weight.

Via Ferrata

climbing training at the hotel in Tyrol
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